Digit – IT development

About us

Digit is a young IT development company. We accompany you in the development of your IT solution, according to your needs and expectations, whatever your type of project. We also develop products to meet the needs of businesses and consumers, while making the use of information technology accessible. Together, let’s develop the right solution for you.

Our values


Our ambition is to make our solutions accessible both financially and functionally.


Your solutions are created by IT enthusiasts who are always looking for new challenges.


We always try to be original in the realization of our projects.


Knowledge sharing is at the heart of our developments: between partners and customer experience.

Our services

Embedded development

We deal with the development of: nano computers, micro chips, which are generally related to the IoT and industrial sector.

Data science & Machine Learning

We want to be among the references in these areas, in order to be able to offer the most optimal solutions.


Gamification is a method based on games and their ability to capture and hold the player’s motivation and attention, to motivate a group of people to carry out a clearly identified activity.

Web development

We develop several types of web applications: showcase site, e-commerce, custom web solution, plugin for website creation platforms: WordPress, Prestashop, etc.

Mobile development

We create mobile applications adapted to the following platforms:
Android, iOS, “Progressive web app”.

Software development

We offer a desktop software development service to meet various offline application needs.

Our products


Sloop will allow you to better organize your weekly meals.

Coming soon

You have a project idea, a curiosity for digital transformation?

Let’s discuss it together!